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No. 1 Soul & Motown Band

Kevin Connelly

I’m proud Scotsman originally from the South Side of Sunny Glasgow. I moved ‘down south’ 15 years ago it was only when I moved down to Liverpool where I caught the musical bug. I had always loved have a sing and I had also learned the guitar when I was younger but I could not help but get properly involved in the scene when I moved to Liverpool – everyone I met was in a band!

I found my first band at the age of 21 and since then have performed in venues such at the O2 Academy, Barfly and of course the Cavern Club and Pub to name a few. Originals and covers, I’ve done them all but it wasn’t until a 2010 where I got my first taste of big band experience. We done some extravagant weddings and Christmas functions over a 6 month period but alas it was on a temporary arrangement to cover album recording costs!

It was after that I decided to take a break. I went back to University in the evenings and decided to regain some brain cells – and a better job. Four years past without anything apart from the odd karaoke but I could not retire – not at the age of 35!

University ended April 16 and I needed to return to performing. I saw Black & Gold were on the lookout for a new male lead and rather handily – I knew the Drummer (Chris) having previously worked with him in one of those previous bands…

The rest is history as they say and I am back with a fantastic bunch of musicians playing and singing music I love ….

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