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No. 1 Soul & Motown Band

Jayne Hales (Black & Gold Vocalist)

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Born in Lancashire and have always had a real passion for music. Ive been singing off and on for many years with various artists including Sheldon Blackman and Nolan Watkinson, singing solo and providing backing in a range of genres including indie, folk, jamoo/calypso and now soul. 

I enjoy a varied selection of music, some of my influences/favourites include Blondie, Neil Young, Crosby Stills and Nash, Captain Beefheart, Midlake, Melody Gardot, Alice Russell, Fat Freddy's Drop, Primal Scream, The Beat... but I've always had a soft spot for soul as I was brought up on Motown thanks to my Mum and grew up listening to legends such as the likes of Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson.  

I love live music, watching it, dancing to it and feeling it, and even better still - being a part of it!! I attend gigs regularly, watching old favourites and new stuff and I love festivals too.  Black and Gold is definitely my favourite band that I've been a part of, predominantly due to the brass section, it adds so much to the sound, I'm a sucker for trumpet and sax!! 

Aspirations - to continue enjoying what we do!!  Gigging gives so much satisfaction, getting out there and doing your thing and seeing people loving it too, its a feeling thats hard to beat. Great for you mind, body and SOUL!

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